Critical Infrastructure Interdependencies: A ‘System of Systems’ Approach

Conference on 14-15 November, 2023

Georg-Christoph-Lichtenberg-Haus, Darmstadt, Germany

Cities are not only distinguished by a high spatial density of networks and flows but can be seen as complex systems of infrastructure systems characterised by various interfaces and a tight coupling between individual infrastructure domains. While interconnected networks underpin the ceaseless flows of city life in various ways and bring about efficiencies during normal operations, they also create risks of cascading infrastructural failures. As urban infrastructures become interconnected and dependent on each other and as new infrastructural nexuses emerge (e.g. electric mobility, ‘waste2energy’, ‘power2gas’, dry sanitation solutions), their complexity and tight coupling enable relatively small disturbances to escalate rapidly into compound multi-infrastructural crises. What happens to one infrastructure can directly and indirectly affect other infrastructures, impact large geographic regions, and send ripples throughout the national and global economy. The ‘system of systems’ approach presents a framework through which complex infrastructure systems can be represented, analysed, and better understood as networks. It helps to explain interdependencies (within and between networks) and analyse the factors which interrupt, complicate, or enable the functioning of critical infrastructures.

Critical infrastructure interdependence is one of the central themes of the Research Training Group KRITIS. Thus, the goal of this conference is to elaborate understandings on the potentials and limitations of the ‘system of systems’ framework in explaining and analysing critical infrastructure interdependencies.

In this conference, the Research Training Group KRITIS aims to bring together perspectives from civil engineers, computer scientists, urban and spatial planners, architects, sociologists, political scientists, historians, and philosophers as well as practitioners from public administration and operators of critical infrastructures on the different understandings of the ‘system of systems’ concept and its application in analysing critical infrastructure interdependencies.

We are inviting abstracts in English language within 100 – 300 words . For details regarding submissions, please check out the Call for Abstracts.

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Keynote Speakers

Jonas Haack-Stappel

Federal Network Agency